Te Kotahi Project is an art initiative, where participants work with me, to create large scale artworks that celebrate our Diversity and build Unity. Diversity, in all it’s forms – cultural, sexual, spiritual, personal, professional, societal, geographical and more - will be the thread that ties the artworks together. Through the process of working together with a common goal
in mind, conversations will be had and positive, uplifting relationships will be formed. The idea of coming and working together, will help with understanding, respecting and appreciating our differences in this great country and build Unity through art – Kotahitanga.

The centerpiece for Te Kotahi is ‘QT’ – a large fiberglass mask – influenced by the iconic Kewpie Doll. QT is the face of the project. There is a friendliness and familiarity with this sweet little bubba face. QT is cute and nonthreatening, spreading the message of unity in a fun and approachable way. QT appeals to all age groups and has a strong presence and positive energy. The viewer will get an instant connection to Te Kotahi whenever they see it.

This artwork could take the form of a mural, a piece of wall art in a corporate office, part of a community garden renovation, a high-end sculpture or installation in a gallery or park, a water feature, a quirky character in a playground, a school, a community center, where ever. The location of the completed artwork would be accessible to all.

People travelling the Motu will discover QT in different locations with unique interpretations. They will be surprised, enlightened, entertained and empowered to start conversations and share their discoveries with others.

Te Kotahi is a true kiwi road trip, taking travellers on journeys of discovery,
visiting different communities, crossing cultures, meeting diverse people,
engaging and sharing perspectives and experiences.


It’s a real feel-good initiative!