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Ko Tainui te waka

Ko Taupiri, ko Pīrongia ngā maunga tūpuna

Ko Waipā te awa

Ko Waikato te iwi

Ko Ngāti Mahanga-Hourua te hapū

Ko Te Papa O Rotu te marae

Ko Tutukaka tõku kainga inaianei

Ko Shane Hansen tõku ingoa

After a decade of being an artist and feeling the positive impact expressing creativity has made to my life, I have launched this art initiative to spread the word and share the love!

I believe art has the power to promote positive change and lift the human spirit. It’s amazing when one taps into their creative self, the goodness that springs from this - improving physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Aotearoa is a beautiful place to live. Te Kotahi is a reminder and celebration of this. I would love your support to help make this happen!
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I want Te Kotahi to be nationwide, where ever possible – small town, big city, out-of-the-way, in-the-way, urban and rural. It can become the ‘Where’s Wally’ of Aotearoa. 

Te Kotahi Project is an art initiative, where participants work with me, to create large scale artworks that celebrate our Diversity and build Unity.
Through the process of working together with a common goal in mind, conversations will be had and positive, uplifting relationships will be formed.
  • People feeling connected from taking part and experiencing the artworks that have been created.

  • The artworks help foster and encourage constructive conversations and interactions between all types of people.

  • Accepting and celebrating our difference and building unity.

  • Connecting and sharing part of our lives with each other.

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I really need help to make this happen.
Here are a few ways you can support the project.



Spread the word
Become a partner/sponsor
or supporter

Let people know about Te Kotahi Project. The more people who know about it the better.

This will generate support and publicity that will help turn it into reality! Please share this initiative to whomever you think will be interested in becoming part of it.

Be part of this exciting creative movement! I’m looking for
help from businesses, groups and individuals who can offer
assistance to launch the project throughout Aotearoa.


Offer your space

Provide a space to become the home of a Te Kotahi Project artwork! I’m keen to hear from anyone who has a space they think would look amazing with one of the artworks installed. It will need to be somewhere the public has access to so the artwork can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

I’d love to hear from you if you want to participate. Thanks for taking the time to read about it.

The key areas where we need support are:

1) Financial Support

  • sponsor an artwork in your workplace or community

  • sponsor an artwork for another workplace or community

  • donate funds to go towards an artwork

2) Goods/Services

  • provide legal services

  • provide pr & media services

  • provide experience working with councils,

  • environment and building consents, etc

  • provide materials to create an install artworks

  • provide painting &
    finishing services

  • provide freight & logistics

  • provide technical services

  • provide building & construction services

  • provide person power